Monday, October 1, 2012


Welcome to Fortemedia’s blog. It has been long due and we have listened to our customers and consumers. We know that you want to directly hear from us and we hence created this blog- we will regularly provide product news via this blog, write about industry topics and most of all listen to you- your comments, feedback, suggestions etc...

It’s a great time to be at Fortemedia.

Fortemedia is being selected by the leading OEMs on their signature phones for its latest voice processing solutions. Fortemedia‘s solutions are making inroads in US as well as other parts of the globe. Besides helping human interactions, Fortemedia is also enhancing speech recognition experience and leading innovation in that space. Please visit the “news” section on our website to have a glimpse of all the latest news.

You may have noticed that Fortemedia is doing a rebranding- “Listen and Sound Better. Anywhere!” – how do you like the new logo?  We owe it you since you told us that’s exactly what we do – helping your voice conversation everywhere- from your comfort of your house through the drive on the noisy road and even when you are having a conference call in the office. We would love to hear from you, let’s know what you think on our new branding.

That’s it for today. Once again thanks for visiting our blog and we will soon come back with more updates.